Authors Instructions

The Leiden Islam Blog is a Leiden University-based platform for researchers and publicists from Leiden and beyond. Our objectives are:

  1. To shed substantiated light on contemporary topics surrounding Islam and society;
  2. To share academic research surrounding Islam and society with a broader audience;
  3. To inspire debate: the blog is meant as an interactive forum where readers and authors have the chance to discuss the topic at hand via the comment section.
LanguageDutch or English
Length600-800 words
References/annotationsFootnotes are prohibited. Hyperlinks to articles, videos, websites etc. are allowed.
FormatBackground article, analysis, opinion piece
TitleShort and captivating
TrailerShort intro to the blog, meant to catch the attention of the reader. What are they about to read? Max 300 characters, spacing included.
ImagesEach blog is accompanied by an image (880x320 px). Please select an image to fit your text and send it over with a short description. It is possible to add further images to your text, as well.


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